Urban Environment Project

Urban Transport

This theme will investigate sustainable urban transport scenarios through analysis of transport policies such as improved public transport systems, employer public transport initiatives and congestion/parking charges by utilising current transport modelling systems and data. It will involve collaboration with the Dublin Transportation Office. In particular, the project will look at how the transport scenarios will impact on land use in Dublin and on whether these scenarios promote “good” land use development. The project will examine Transport 21 and the impact that is likely to have on land use in the city. Will this transportation plan result in Dublin developing in a sustainable way? The interactions between transport and land use will be explored. Objectives of this sub-project include:

  • Identify possible urban transport scenarios in the Dublin region
  • Calibrate the SATURN model using relevant contemporary Irish data
  • Utilise SCATS data to examine the current state of traffic volumes and the variability of these volumes to various temporal factors
  • Investigate and as far as possible develop links between the SCATS data system, SATURN and the MOLAND model
  • Link this sub project with the urban sprawl, air quality and climate change themes

Leader: Dr. Aoife Ahern

Who’s Involved

Dr. Aoife Ahern
John Carty
Dr. Andrew Kelly
Dr. Lisa B. Ryan


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