Urban Environment Project

Urban Sprawl

Emerging development patterns and new urban forms require examination as to their impacts on the environment and its implication for sustainable development policy aspirations. The negative externalities resulting from sprawl patterns of development are recognised as reducing individual well being and are often inequitable in terms of their geographic spread.

Objectives of this subproject include:

  • Developing an integrated model for examination of the forms and patterns of development activity in the Dublin and Eastern Regions of Ireland in 2006 and its future progression.
  • Examine the role of changing employment patterns in such trends
  • Integration settlement and employment data into the MOLAND model
  • Incorporate projections for future urban form, settlement patterns and land use considerations in 2010, 2020 and beyond
  • Evaluate economic costs of infrastructure provision associated with alternative forms of development
  • Examine environmental and quality of life issues for inhabitants of the region of emerging trends

Leader: Dr. Brendan Williams

Who’s involved

Dr. Brendan Williams
Dr. Andrew MacLaran
Cormac Walsh


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