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Asahi Shimbun Newspaper report
Article in Japanese Newspaper Convalescing Tiger, Ireland looks to the Exit - commenting on similarities between 1990s banking crisis in Japan and European financial crisis
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Lessons from Europe, Senator Bingaman and Prof. Frank Convery
Prof. Frank Convery briefs U.S. Senator Bingaman and his team on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in London, July 2007
Prof. Frank Convery Press Coverage
Discredited planning system needs sweeping changes
Sunday Business Post Brendan Williams
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Property bounces back
Louise McBride - Irish Independent
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Rectifying our planning system
Irish Times - editorial comment
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Irish bankers vow this time
Bloomberg.com online article
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Regional Policy Research launched
Dublin Regional Authority reports launched
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Human Talent
he World Class Cities Partnership (WCCP) Annual Summit was held in Dublin from the 26-28th June. Brendan Williams UCD and Jamie Cudden Dublin City Council co hosted the annual summit of members and Brendan Williams outlined the findings of the research t
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When do experts think house prices will rise again
Louise McBride - Irish Independent
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Jury still out on NAMA
Irish Examiner Dara Doyle
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