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Title Author Category DateAdded
Where have all the parks gone? Changes in Dublin's green space between 1990 & 2006
WP 09/02
Michael Brennan, Prof. Tom Hayden, Dr. Daniel O. McInerney Working Paper
Changing office location patterns and their importance in the peripheral expansion of the Dublin region 1960 - 2008
WP 09/01
Katia Attuyer, Dr. Andrew MacLaran, Dr. Brendan Williams Working Paper
Land Use Integration: The ESPON View
1400 - 1420 Presentation
Dr. Marjan van Herwijnen ESPON UEP Events
The experience in New Zealand
1650 - 1710 Presentation An Introduction to Landcare Research and the Creating Futures Project
Richard Gordon NZLR UEP Events
Land Use - The Integrative Dimension
1440 - 1500 Lecture session Memorial University Canada/VITO
Prof. Roger White UEP Events
Applications of GIS and urban modelling for environmental policy
1500 - 1520 presentation
Sheila Convery UEP Events
Supporting Strategic Plan Development
1520 - 1540 Presentation
Guy Engelen VITO UEP Events
Metro North in the Greater Dublin Region - a light rail case study
1540 - 1600 Presentation
Dr. Laura Petrov, Eda Ustaoglu, Dr. Brendan Williams UEP Events
Land Use modelling framework for Europe - future directions
1630 - 1650 Presentation
Carlo Lavalle JRC-IES UEP Events
Using MOLAND to support policy development in Andalucia
1650 - 1710 Presentation Ministry of Environment - Government of Andalucia (Spain)
Francisco Caceres-Clavero, Alejandro Iglesias-Campos UEP Events