Urban Environment Project: An Overview

Welcome to the information hub for the Urban Environment Project and subsequent related research on urban environmental policy issues.

The research aims to better understand the link between development, land-use change and associated economic and environmental impacts within urban regions. The group is based at UCD (formerly UCD Urban Institute Ireland) and originated with academic partners in TCD and NUI Maynooth as well as a specialist GIS company, ERA-Maptech to undertake work funded by the EPA.

It included collaboration with the local authorities in the Greater Dublin Region.The synthesis report for the project is available to download here

Subsequently this work has evolved into ongoing projects funded by the EU, national and regional policy agencies.

Including GEOSINPO which is dedicated to emerging techniques centred on the development of Spatial Decision Support systems and application of state of the art geospatial analytical tools which are uniquely available within the research partners at University of Maryland and University College Dublin.

In addition, current PhD research is investigating land-use transport interactions and the effect on travel behaviour patterns in the Greater Dublin region.  This is funded as part of the Earth and Natural Sciences PhD Programme which is funded by PTRLI-V and European Regional Development funding.

Recent and archived research publications are listed here

At the core of the original project is MOLAND a land-use computer model (using GIS technologies) which includes socio-economic and demographic information. The original UEP focused on 6 themes; air quality, urban transport, biodiversity, climate change, urban sprawl and the green city.

Whilst the project focuses on the Greater Dublin Region we welcome interactions with our European colleagues and expect that our research experience will be of interest to policy makers, scholars and practitioners across Europe and further afield.